Christchurch Street Art

Oi You! is a Street Art movement and RISE is their first foray into Christchurch. The idea is to transform blank city walls into works of art. In doing so, the organisers hope to bring some colour and life to a re-emerging city. I must say, I was really pleased to see the art work on city walls. It gives the Christchurch city centre a bit of a facelift. All those empty spaces and blank walls now have gorgeous street art gracing them. If you are in Christchurch or visiting, make it a point to travel around and look for these. There is an App which can guide you to all these places – both on Android and iOS.

Canterbury Museum also has a big Street Art section as part of RISE. It includes works by renowned artists like Banksy – his famous ‘Man Throwing Flowers’ is also on display. A must-visit exhibition.Here’s a collection of a few of the street art around Christchurch. Check out the festival website here –

Lichfield StreetMadras StreetLichfield StreetLichfield StreetCashel StreetCashel StreetColombo StreetColombo StreetTuam StreetManchester StreetCanterbury Museum

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