A night in Khao San

In September 2014, I travelled to Bangkok for a few days. During my stay, I managed a visit to Khao San Road with a couple of mates. According to Wikipedia, Khao San translates to ‘milled rice’, a reminder that it was once a rice market. It has come a long way since then. Now it’s a backpacker haven with cheap accommodation, great street food, restaurants, pubs, discos, hawkers selling clothes, books, and DVDs just to name a few. Ping Pong shows, laughing gas, and vodka buckets are some of the other things on offer. It has a vibrant night life with tourists flocking from far and wide to party the night away. I don’t think one night is even remotely enough to photograph this spectacle. I managed a few images that hopefully gives readers an idea of what Khao San is like when the sun goes down.

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